Temporary Hydrant Connection Changes

Between January 2016 through 2017, any individual using a fire hydrant to draw water was required to have a Yellow Hydrant Permit Decal on the back or side of tank or equipment. Check cltwaterblog.org for the newly approved decal. 

  • All new temporary hydrant connections will be metered;
  • Customers will be charged for the volume they use and applicable fees in manner similar to commercial customers;
  • All new temporary hydrant connections will require a security deposit to be paid in person at 5100 Brookshire Blvd. before they receive service;
  • Customers will continue to be billed for temporary hydrant connection service until they request that services are terminated;
  • There will no longer be a relocate fee and accompanying service. If a customer desires to relocate a service, the currently active service will be terminated and the customer will have a new account set up at the new location. Fees applicable to account creation will be rendered for the new account;
  • If a customer is 36 days past due on their bill, their temporary hydrant connection service will be terminated and a new temporary hydrant connection service will not be set-up until payment is received.

Existing customers will have until July 1, 2016, to use current billing at locations that were set up prior to October 1. These customers will move to new billing process if a hydrant device is relocated or repaired.

Per the current process, customers interested in obtaining temporary hydrant connection service will need to call 311 or 704-336-7600 during regular business hours. Charlotte Water reserves the right to deny service depending on water use restrictions or system capabilities.

Want more info? Go to charlottewater.org