Hurricane Preparedness from Charlotte Water’s perspective

In advance of Hurricane Florence barreling down on the Carolinas, we have received many questions about Charlotte Water’s system in the event of a major storm.

Our advice: be prepared, but not worried.

Charlotte Water has built redundancies into every aspect of our systems. We have backups for backups. Even in the event that power goes down at a treatment plant, Charlotte Water has a plan. We have high capacity generators, relationships with Duke Energy for support and contracts in place for any resources, like additional fuel, that we may need.

We’ve built strong, state-of-the-art facilities and we have the support of Team Charlotte. If we need resources, we’ll work with Emergency Management, other City & County departments, and our national network of utilities to keep operations up.

We have staff working 24 hours a day, every day to bring our community drinking water and that will not change during a major storm. We will be prepared with staffing and resources waiting to respond if needed.

But like Charlotte Water, the community should also be prepared. That means, putting together a family preparedness kit. If the event takes days to recover or if residents live in an area serviced by a pipe that breaks, make sure you have water on hand. Some tips we’ve heard from others in the community:

  • “Fill your bathtub with water for flushing.”
  • “Fill gallon zip lock bags with water and freeze. This, not only keeps food cold if the power is out, but also gives you a water source.”
  • “Fill up those reusable water bottles!”

Did you know $1 buys you 247 gallons from Charlotte Water? Take time now before the storm to get ready. We at Charlotte Water will be prepared too!

BTW: The water service to your home is independent of your electric service, so a loss of power shouldn’t result in a loss of water.

Stay tuned to the City’s communication channels to stay up to date. And, please remember to use 311 to report outages or water main breaks; you can also request service this way. Use 911 for emergencies only.

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