Cold Weather and Water Main Breaks

Charlotte Water encourages all customers to protect plumbing from freezing weather. Did you know that the water in the 4,300 miles of water mains doesn't freeze? But, when temperatures are well below twenty degrees (20o) outside, soils may shift causing an increase in water pipe repairs. Here are a few other reasons why pipes may break:... Continue Reading →

Smoke In The Water

On occasion we conduct smoke testing to detect failures and leaks within the wastewater collection system (sewer pipes) that allow rainwater, creek water and other storm water run-off to enter the system.

Inflow & infiltration and why it matters.

We asked Water Quality Program Administrator Shannon Sypolt to tell us a little about Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). I&I occurs when groundwater (infiltration) and stormwater (inflow) enter into our closed wastewater infrastructure (sewer pipes). Infiltration occurs when the groundwater table rises, and water pushes into cracks, joints, seams, and older parts of our infrastructure.Inflow occurs... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Water Five Edition

Here is what most people think we do; provide you clean and safe drinking water and treat the wastewater that leaves your house. While this is absolutely true, we also do so much more! In recognition of the popular Charlotte Five daily email and website, we are presenting: 5 THINGS CHARLOTTE WATER DOES THAT YOU DIDN'T... Continue Reading →

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