Charlotte Water is the largest public water and wastewater utility in the Carolinas and has been serving the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg county since 1889. Charlotte Water’s staff of 912 employees work around the clock to bring clean and reliable drinking water to 989,410 people every day.

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Keep reading to see the process that Charlotte Water takes to create clean and reliable drinking water every day of the week.

The journey from groundwater to drinking water is not quick or easy. Your drinking water will travel many miles before coming out of the tap. It will be drawn from Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake by one of our pumps stations, then flowing to one of our water treatment plants. After an intensive treatment process that cleans the water, the water travels to a water tower, and then eventually to your home! Thousands of miles each drop will travel before it comes out of your tap.

More of a visual learner? We totally get it. That’s why we made this cool graphic to help.


Even though you are finished with that water… we’re not done with it just yet. Once that water goes down that drain, it starts the second leg of its journey. Traveling through our 4,288 miles of wastewater pipe eventually leading to one of our wastewater treatment plants. The wastewater goes through a multiple step process to clean and treat the water so that it is safe to put back into the natural water system.

Looking for a nice visual graphic again? We’ve got you covered.


Pretty cool, huh? Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg for what we do at Charlotte Water. There is plenty of amazing people in Charlotte Water that do fun stuff every day to help keep your water is clean and safe. Make sure to check in with our blog so you don’t miss anything!