How Do Water Towers Work?

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) employees dedicate their efforts to delivering safe, reliable water from the river to the tap. CLTWater has 11 elevated storage tanks. Our water treatment operators fill the tanks each night to prepare for morning use. Each day they refill as needed.

CLTWater sees a more than 50% increase in water use during the summertime for lawn irrigation.

Fast Facts:

  • Water pressure is mostly due to the elevation of storage tanks relative to the elevation of your home or business.
  • Elevated storage tanks help CLTWater provide consistent, stabilized pressure in the distribution system and ensure optimal fire protection for the public. 
  • CLTWater storage tanks are storing up-to-20 million gallons. 
  • Each tank is inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years.
  • Water within our storage tanks is turned over on a daily basis in order to ensure lower residence time within the distribution and aid in the conveyance of the highest water quality to customers. 

Water Pressure in Charlotte

Water pressure may vary a little every day. A home or business doesn’t experience a significant change in pressure unless moved to another pressure zone, a temporary surge in water usage or directional flow shift, an emergency water main break, or if CLTWater physically increases or decreases the height of storage tanks. These cases are extremely rare.

Higher water pressures are in geographically low points (near a creek) in a water pressure zone. Property owners may need to install a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) to protect their plumbing if the psi is over 80 psi. You can buy a gauge at a home improvement store to check your pressure.

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