Charlotte Water Distance Learning: Watching Water

Activity: Educational water-related films and tv shows. Age range: All ages We're all about keeping things fun and entertaining with our distance learning activities, while also making them educational. For this activity, we've put together a list of water-related movies and TV shows (across a variety of streaming services) for keeping your mind working, while... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Water Distance Learning: Coloring!

Age range: All ages! Activity: Charlotte Water's customized coloring pages, and the ICMA coloring book. Break out your crayons and colored pencils! We are inviting kids and adults of all ages to engage their creative side and color any and all of our customized coloring sheets. We have also included a coloring book from the... Continue Reading →

National Drinking Water Week 2020

Happy Water Week! This week we're celebrating National Drinking Water Week all week long, and bringing you a variety of activities and information. Below we have provided an overview of what to look out for throughout the week, and how you can participate. Everyday Employee Spotlight This year's theme for National Drinking Water Week is... Continue Reading →

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