Why is There Water, Water Everywhere?

One of the more useful and effective techniques used in the water industry is to open a hydrant to let water flow. Referred to as “flushing”, it is often seen as a waste of water especially when conservation is so important. However, flushing hydrants is one of the most important things Charlotte Water does to ensure that water used by businesses, industries, hospitals, residents, and firefighters are safe, clean and reliable. Continue reading Why is There Water, Water Everywhere?

Our New Charlotte Water Blog!

Welcome to the first post on the Charlotte Water Blog. This blog will be used to share all of the great work that Charlotte Water does to ensure Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents have clean, safe, reliable drinking water and sanitary sewers. Water is vital to life, the economy…our entire region. Our staff are working 24 hours a day seven days a week for our customers. Follow us and learn more about this most vital resource.