Your Water Quality

Because of recent events in Flint, Michigan, people around the country are starting to take notice of their local utilities and their own water quality. Luckily, that is something we take very seriously here at Charlotte Water. Below are some of the many reasons you don’t need to worry about the quality of your water.

Source-Our water supply source (Mountain Island Lake and Lake Norman) is high quality. High-quality source = high-quality drinking water.

Qualifications-All of our water treatment staff are highly trained, state-certified professionals.

Frequent Monitoring– Miss the article about our lab staff and their role in keeping our drinking water safe? Read it here. We also release an annual Water Quality Report in July with detailed information on what is in your water.

Test Results– Lead is not detected in the untreated water coming for our water source or in the treated drinking water leaving the Charlotte Water Plants.

Low Risk– Unlike Flint and some other cities, lead service pipes are not common in Charlotte. In the Charlotte Water system, the most likely source of lead would be from inside homes with older plumbing fixtures or from copper plumbing installed during the time period when the solder used to join copper pipes contained a high percentage of lead.

National Regulations– Congress enacted a “lead Ban” in 1986. The act stated that not only public water systems but also anyone else who intends to install or repair drinking water plumbing connected to a public water system must use “lead-free materials”.

Want to know if your home has lead pipes? The AWWA Blog has some good tips.

System Maintenance and Management– To protect against lead dissolving in the water, Charlotte Water has a well-established corrosion control program as part of our water treatment process. Charlotte Water’s Capital Improvement Program includes annual budget allocations for water distribution system rehabilitation, enhancements, and repairs in addition to planning for future needs.

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