May 14 Update: Long Creek Wastewater Spill

After more than two weeks of construction site preparation and stabilizing bypass operations, Charlotte Water is replacing 140 feet of broken wastewater pipe north of 4100 Oakdale Road. Pipe replacement will take at least two days.

“Charlotte Water continues to make progress in reducing overflows,” said Cam Coley, spokesperson for Charlotte Water. “Unfortunately in this case we were not able to find it fast enough with the storms and remote location. We appreciate our customers’ help keeping a look out for our large pipe network. If you ever see or suspect a water main break or wastewater spill, please call 311 anytime.”

Charlotte Water staff is monitoring operations around the clock to prevent additional spills while wastewater is being pumped around the broken pipe.  Crews prevented a spill that would have been caused by a ball of rags. A friendly reminder to only put toilet paper in the toilet…