5 Things You Can Talk About Over Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving means quality time with family and friends, and for some that can cause a great deal of anxiety. Politics, religion, your cousin’s newest face tattoo, these are all topics that are off limits. So what do you talk about? Don’t worry, Charlotte Water is here with 5 Charlotte themed conversation starters that won’t rock the boat.

  1. Did you know that the City of Charlotte is turning 250 years old?
  2. Did you know that 44% of sanitary sewer overflows are caused by grease from homes and restaurants?
  3. Ninety years ago, the location of our Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was chosen because it was outside of the city limits. Since then the city has grown so much and the plant is now located in the heart of South Park.
  4. Tricycles, buckets, scrap wood, rings, goldfish, aprons and flushable wipes all have what in common? They have all been found in our sewer pipes in Mecklenburg County. Please note that NONE of these things belong there.
  5. Before municipal wastewater treatment plants, communities like Charlotte used to allow homes and business to pipe waste directly into lakes and rivers.

We hope this helps and you have a wonderful stress free holiday!