750 Grass Carp Released in Lake Norman

Charlotte Water, in partnership with NC Department of Environmental Quality, Lake Norman Marine Commission, and Duke Energy released another 750 Grass Carp into Lake Norman. The Grass Carp are part of a broader aquatic weed management program to address the ongoing Hydrilla infestation in the lake. More information regarding the Hydrilla infestation and it’s affect on drinking water intakes can be found here.

Approximately 22,000 Grass Carp have been released into Lake Norman since 2018. The fish have been very effective in managing the Hydrilla infestation such that recreational activities in the lake are fully restored.

To learn first hand what a fish release is like, read our 2019 article about the release of 4,000 Grass Carp at Ramsey Creek Park.

More information about the Lake Norman Hydrilla Management Project.