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Water Quality Report 2017

“We are the one product every person in Charlotte uses every day,” Barry Gullet, Director for Charlotte Water, said a bright Monday morning on the news segment Wilson’s World. The community of Charlotte uses 100 million gallons of water per day. Charlotte Water has made it their mission to continually provide and develop drinkable water to at every point of the day as well as top notch customer service to its customers 24/7.

Water is in  every aspect of our lives from showering, cooking, drinking and many more activities. We rely on the safety and knowledge the water we are using is safe. Charlotte’s water is safe to consume on both the federal and the state level regulations, providing you with a guarantee that what you use, will continue to give you a piece of mind.

Tap water is a wonderful way to cut down on waste of plastic and other energy sources. This inexpensive product is easily accessible and clean. Charlotte Water collectively does more than 150,000 tests each year to evaluate the quality of the water you receive. Those who test the water have a combined experience of over 400 plus hours. They take pride in their work and the quality of the water they maintain. They work hard to make sure that each citizen of the city receives water that they too want to use.

Each year Charlotte Water assembles the Water Quality Report (WQR) that summarizes the water testing results for the calendar year (2016). This report is required of all public water utilities, and Charlotte Water is pleased to announce another year where excellence in you water is being provided. The Water Quality Report highlights contaminants found, treatment process. among other information.

As a resident it is important for you to know and understand the WQR so you can be informed about the water you consume. All residents in Mecklenburg County will receive a copy of this report in their mailboxes highlighting some of the important information you need to know. This report can also be found on the Charlotte water website at http://charlottewater.org.

Charlotte Water may have a big task when serving over a million people, but the WQR shows the dedication and passion Charlotte Water has in providing you with excellent service. From our family to yours, we are here to give you with what you need most.

Do you trust us to deliver you clean and safe drinking water?

You should! But if you are still not convinced, you may be after reading this. Our lab staff tests your drinking water all day every day, from locations all over Mecklenburg County and beyond to ensure that when water leaves the drinking water treatment plants, it’s still the same quality when it arrives at your home or business. Continue reading Do you trust us to deliver you clean and safe drinking water?