September 01, 2015 Drought Status Update

In the beginning of August, Charlotte Water staff were shoring up resources and processes in preparation for escalation to Stage Two in September. Thanks to an increase in rain, see, rain dances really do work, we are still squarely in stage one. WOO HOO!

Curious to learn why?

Watch this video, then review the information below, released by The Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group about current (September 01, 2015) drought indicators.

Current Overall Stage: Stage 1 Condition (based on current Streamflow and U.S. Drought Monitor Trigger conditions below)

Storage: Stage 2 Condition

Storage Index (SI):  57% (SI = 63% on August 3, 2015)

Target Storage Index (TSI): 76%

Ratio:  75.0%

Streamflow:  Stage 1 Condition (Six-month average versus historical six-month average)

Six-Month Ratio:  71% (Stage 1 – triggered at or below 78% and greater than 65%)

U.S. Drought Monitor:  Stage 1 Condition (Three-month average of worst weighted condition)

Three-Month Numeric Average: 1.17 > 1


If we continue to receive rain and participate in water conservation measures our hope is that we don’t ever escalate to stage two and mandatory water restrictions.