Charlotte Water Staff Sighted Doing The Carlton.

On July 1, we asked customers to reduce the discretionary use of water specifically by discontinuing residential car washing, refraining from filling and topping off pools and by limiting irrigation to two days a week.

You listened. Water use dropped in August and September.

Residential use dropped more than 2% in the first month and then another 5% the following month.

Voluntary water conservation is designed to decrease water use by 3-5% and residential customers exceeded the goal by reducing water use by more than 7% to date.

Keep in mind we are still under voluntary water conservation recommendations.  Despite improved conditions, the Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group’s (CW-DMAG) November 2 Drought Status remains Stage 1. This is because we use a three-month running average of our data points, which means we are still using indicators from August (remember how hot and dry it was then?).  If we continue with this trend of increased rain we hopefully won’t be in Stage 1 in December.

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