Save Water While it Gets Hotter

It’s finally summer. So we thought of five more ways to conserve water this summer. Keep these in mind while you keep cool on these hot days.

  1. Chuck the melted ice from your lunch to-go cup in a desk plant or house plant. [Not the soda, the melted ice. A little bit of sweet tea will be okay]
  2. Temporarily move houseplants outside in the rain. Water from the sky is free!
  3. Do your dish washing and laundry during off-peak hours [and only when the dishwasher is full. Grab the doggie food bowls to fill up that last empty space!.
  4. Water your lawn slowly. It’s really difficult to get water to soak into soils in Charlotte. When you start to notice water running off the lawn or pooling, it’s time to stop the sprinkler and give the soil time to catch up.
  5. Plant more trees! And then more trees. Eventually you’ll have less lawn. Turfgrass is not native to Charlotte. Which means it needs water, usually more than provided by Mother Nature. Converting lawn to native trees and shrubs cuts back the need for outdoor watering substantially. And don’t forget the mulch!