UPDATE-Secondary Spill At Repair Site

October 26, 2017 — Pumping operations have resumed after a streambank collapsed early Thursday morning at the repair site of a 36” wastewater main. Staff estimates that an additional 100,000 gallons was spilled onto the streambank, some of which may have entered Mallard Creek just east of the intersection of N. Tryon St. and E. Mallard Creek Church Rd. The location is the work site to repair a 36” wastewater main that broke during Monday evening’s storms.

Operations to bypass pump wastewater from the break area to a nearby wastewater pipe have been successful until the minor collapse of streambank caused a temporary bypass line to dislodge and spill wastewater. Most of the spilled volume from the bypass line was contained before it was able to reach the creek. The wastewater captured will be vacuumed and properly treated at the wastewater treatment plant.

Charlotte Water staff is monitoring operations around the clock and responded quickly to restore the bypass operation. State officials have been updated and work to repair the broken pipe is ongoing. Staff anticipates repairs of the streambank and 36” sewer line will likely continue through the next 7 – 10 days weather permitting.