Updates to Capacity and Development Fees for FY 2019

Some Charlotte Water Capacity Fees Drop In July

At their June 11, 2018 meeting, the Charlotte City Council approved the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget. Along with that budget, the FY 2019 Charlotte Water fee schedule was approved. Due to legislated revisions to the methodology, some Capacity and Connection Fees are decreasing in FY 2019. The Charlotte Water fee schedule for FY 2019, which will become effective July 1, 2018, can be found on the Charlotte Water website.

Water Main Extensions Required for New Service Requests on Larger Pipes

Also effective July 1, 2018, customers requesting any new water service tap requests that have immediate access to a 30-inch transmission main AND larger will be required to complete a water main extension application. For those service taps on a 20- or 24-inch water line, Charlotte Water reserves the right to connect to a local smaller main. New service requests will not change for taps on 16-inch or smaller mains. Though additional construction delivery time may be needed for new service tap requests on extensions 30-inch or larger, these changes in system design will enhance distribution system water quality and customer serviceability.

FY 2019 Plan Review & Inspection Fees

Two years ago Charlotte Water introduced plan review and inspection fees for the first time to recover employee time costs.  Since the utility had never recouped review and inspection costs previously, percentages of the fees were received on an escalating basis for three years.

  • From 7-1-16 through 6-30-17 – 50% of the fees recovered
  • From 7-1-17 through 6-30-18 – 75% of the fees recovered
  • From 7-1-18 onward – 100% of fees recovered.

The schedule of plan review and inspection fees effective July 1, 2018 can be found on Charlotte Water’s website.

Visit charlottewater.org and click on Development for more information.