Construction Update: Stewart Creek Greenway Closure – Update #2

Charlotte Water is continuing the extensive emergency wastewater pipe replacement under the Stewart Creek Greenway. Portions of the creek bank upstream and downstream of the broken pipe were stabilized to reduce the risk of erosion affecting wastewater pipes.

Here is an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks, and how you can help:


  • The community’s wastewater is being pumped around the broken pipe from one manhole to the next one downstream. The pumps and temporary above-ground pipes are checked several times a day to prevent possible wastewater overflows.
  • Crews are currently removing the broken pipes.
  • Recent rains and rock formations have delayed our progress.

How You Can Help

  • Stay safe: Avoid the construction entrance at the intersection of Lela Avenue and Walnut Avenue near Litaker Avenue.
  • Toss in the toilet: only toilet paper.
  • Toss in the trash: paper towels, wipes, hair, cotton swabs, feminine products, dental floss, coffee grounds, and excess food.
  • Drain in the sink: soap suds, small amounts of foods from plate, and liquids.
  • Take to a full-service recycling center: used and expired oils and grease.
  • Suspect A Sewage Spill? Call 311 or 704-336-7600 say or select sewer emergency. We will respond 24 hours-a-day.