All Hands on Deck: Weekend Leak Blitz

Over the past year, as the world seemed to slow down and almost stop at times, it simultaneously seemed like the workload never missed a beat. As the pandemic ramped up last spring and into the summer, so did our work orders. Due to the pandemic and our crews working staggered shifts, the number of work orders was on the rise.

But when the work needs to get done, it’s “all hands on deck” for our Charlotte Water crews. Over the past several months, our crews have begun conducting a “leak blitz” during one weekend each month to reduce work orders’ backlog. This means that our crews will develop a list of priority leaks to complete throughout the weekend. Approximately 24 crews are assigned to work on the leaks, while other crews are assigned to work on emergency-only leaks as they arise. In some cases, they have completed up to 50 leaks during a leak blitz weekend.

Our most recent leak blitz was this past weekend, February 20th and 21st. Crews were able to catch a break in the rain and get out to fix 29 leaks and counting, with a few work orders still pending. Thanks to our crews’ tremendous effort and hard work, they have been able to reduce the backlog of work orders and will continue to perform leak blitz’s in the coming months to stay ahead of the curve.

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