Fixing at-home Leaks

Tackling at home leaks can be a challenge, but small drops can add up to big dollars on your bill, so we’ve provided some quick tips and tricks to help you save water and money:

  • Identify your main shut of valve to your home in case of emergency. They are usually located where your water service line enters your home and are often found in the garage or crawlspace.
  • Replace toilet flappers every few years, make sure they are the correct size, and do a dye test if you suspect a silent leak.
  • Clean and replace gaskets and aerators in faucets and showerheads.
  • Check for spots in the yard that are always wet in case of an irrigation leak.
  • Water service providers participate in the EPA’s Fix a Leak Week each March to support conservation and increase customer knowledge of at home plumbing! You can visit their webpages for more tips and tricks and even an at-home scavenger hunt you can do with the whole family.