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How to Report Unauthorized Hydrant Use

Is a company using a fire hydrant on your street?

If so look for the green hydrant decal. This decal is proof that they are authorized to use the hydrant and pay for the water they use. 

CLTWater maintains more than 17,600 hydrants throughout the county. The Charlotte Fire Department and CLTWater periodically use hydrants for fire response, water quality concerns, testing, and to serve contractors and other vendors.

Authorized Users are:

  • Street cleaning vehicles, irrigation trucks, and vendors with truck-mounted tanks that have a hydrant decal on the back of the tank or truck.
  • Fire Departments
  • CLTWater staff

If you see a use of a hydrant, please:
1. Look for yellow hydrant decal on the back of the tank or truck. If there is one, then it is likely authorized. If people are behaving suspiciously then proceed with below steps.

2. Write down

– Name of the company on truck

– License tag number

– Location of hydrant

– Time of the illegal usage.

3. Take a photo if possible.

4. Call 311 or 704-336-7600 and ask to speak to CLTWater Customer Service Dispatch.

Note: Hydrants may also have a device attached to them. These are temporary hydrant meters that help us accurately bill water use. Learn more at charlottewater.org or call 311 or 704-336-7600.