Annual Wastewater Report Released

Did you know that there is an annual report for wastewater? If you answered “no” then here is all you need to know about the people who make sure your flush doesn’t become a mess.

When you flush, shower, or wash dishes, the wastewater flows from your plumbing to our public wastewater network of pipes. The wastewater then flows by gravity to one of our wastewater treatment plants so that it can be treated and safely discharged back into the creeks.


So how did we do?

Even as the population grows, Charlotte Water continues to reduce the number of wastewater spills.

Yearly SSOs vs 5 Year Moving Average

Charlotte Water successfully collected and treated 99.9 percent of the more than 33 billion gallons of wastewater that the community produced in the past fiscal year. Charlotte Water’s annual report includes all incidents where wastewater escaped out of a public manhole or public collection system pipe before reaching proper treatment and reportable spills, which are any spills that equal or exceed 1,000 gallons or more reaching creeks.

Fiscal year 2018 2019
All spills 164 162
Reportable spills 107 90

How To Help:

Toss in the trash: paper towels, wipes, hair, cotton swabs, feminine products, dental floss, coffee grounds, and excess food.

Toss in the toilet: only toilet paper.

Kitchen sink: soap suds, small amounts of foods from plate, and liquids (no fats, oils, or grease).

Take to a full-service recycling center: used and expired oils and grease.

Suspect A Sewage Spill?
Call 311 or 704-336-7600. We respond 24 hours-a-day.


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