National Drinking Water Week 2020

Happy Water Week! This week we’re celebrating National Drinking Water Week all week long, and bringing you a variety of activities and information. Below we have provided an overview of what to look out for throughout the week, and how you can participate.

Everyday Employee Spotlight

This year’s theme for National Drinking Water Week is that water is “always there when you need it” – and we are grateful for just that. We are grateful for our staff who work hard behind the scenes everyday to keep it that way. It takes a whole team of staff members who contribute to each step of the treatment process, to make sure everyone has safe and reliable water every single day. Throughout National Drinking Water week, we will be highlighting some of our awesome staff members to show our appreciation and give you a glimpse into the work they do.

Tuesday, May 5: Water in the Window

Break out your crayons and colored pencils – this activity is the “Water in the Window” coloring page. We are inviting kids and adults of all ages to engage their creative side and color our customized Water Week coloring sheet. Once completed, show off your artwork by displaying the page in your window at home – preferably in a place where folks outside can see it displayed. Something small can go a long way to brighten someone’s day!

Helpful hint: This activity will be featured in another activity later in the week!

Wednesday, May 6: Water Appreciation Log

Do you ever think about how many times a day you use water? Just take a moment to think about all of the things you use water for – cooking, cleaning, bathing, brushing, drinking, and so much more! This activity is designed to bring awareness to the water that we use throughout our day, everyday, even when we may not realize it.

Our challenge for you, is to use the chart provided for just one day this week, and keep track of all of the times you access or use water. The results may surprise you – and we would love to hear about them!

Once you’ve completed your chart, you can share it on social media and tag us, or email your results to us:

Thursday, May 7: Scavenger Hunt

Lace up your walking shoes for this one! We have created a “water themed” scavenger hunt that anyone can do anywhere. For this exercise (pun intended), you can explore your neighborhood in search for the items listed here. This is a great way to notice and learn more about items all around us that are essential for water to flow through our city.

Of course, walking is not the only option – you can drive, bike, or use any mode of transportation that works best for your and your family! Make this your own adventure.

Friday, May 8: Movie Night

Happy Friday, friends! What a better way to kick back and relax on a Friday night than with a good movie? We’ve put together a list of various “water-themed” movies for you to choose from:

  • Waterschool (Netflix)
  • Oceans (Netflix and Disney+)
  • Chasing Coral (Netflix)
  • Mission Blue (Netflix)
  • A Plastic Ocean (Netflix)
  • Water Life (series, Amazon Prime)
  • Big Pacific (series, Amazon Prime)
  • Seasons of the Sea (Amazon Prime)
  • The Wild Pacific (Amazon Prime)
  • Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Amazon Prime)
  • Secret of Water (Amazon Prime)
  • Relaxing Water (if you just need some background noise; Amazon Prime)
  • Water Birds (Disney+)
  • Drain the Oceans (Disney+)
  • Aliens of the Deep (Disney+)